Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Stainless Steel Griddles

Like all cookware, stainless steel griddles will eventually get dirty. When food particles and grime accumulate, food will not be cooked to perfection. A variety of cleaning solutions and materials can be used to remove the oil and food particles from the griddle’s surface and trough. Cleaning stainless steel griddles regularly will prevent the oil drain and trough from clogging or getting sticky.

Cleaning kits are available for griddle cleaning. They often include a variety of scrapers and scrubbers. Oftentimes, stainless steel griddles are easily cleaned using household materials that you already have on hand. Before attempting to clean your stainless steel griddle, check the manufacturer's instructions. Different types of griddles require different maintenance procedures. Your stainless steel griddle may require special treatment, such as the use of a recommended griddle cleaner. The manufacturer may also recommend using a soft brush to keep the surface from getting scratched.

It is usually best to clean a griddle while it is still hot. Allow the pan to cool a little and then scrape off food particles, oil and grime with a spatula. Scrape the debris off the surface and catch it in a rag. Remove as much grime as you can.

Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, scrub the surface with pumice, a griddle brick or Brillo pad. A soft brush may also be used, along with a griddle cleanser and water. Scotch Brite grill cleaning liquid is a popular and effective cleaning material for stainless steel griddles.

Remove the trays and wash them with hot water and a mild dish washing detergent. You may use a medium rough-edged scrubber to wash the surfaces. Rinse thoroughly and then dry them by hand. Use a soft cloth to shine the trays up. Dip the cloth in a little club soda and rub the dampened cloth all over the trays to shine them up.

Wipe down the main cooking surface of the griddle. Use damp paper towels to wipe the surface until all trace of cleaning product has been removed. Pour a little cooking oil into a paper towel and use it to apply a light coat of oil on the griddle surface. This will help prevent rust from forming and food from sticking to the griddle.

Place the trays back in the griddle, and you are ready for another day of cooking. A spatula can be used to scrape and wipe off food particles between meals. Small maintenance like this can be done to keep the griddle clean. The major task of thoroughly cleaning your stainless steel griddle may be done only as needed.