Double Burner Griddle

You know how frustrating it can be when everybody wants his pancake and you can only cook one or two at a time. If you don’t want to be stuck flipping pancakes while everyone else is digging in, you should get a double burner griddle. Double burner griddles are designed to straddle two burners on the stove and they are often big enough so you can cook six to eight pancakes at one time.

To cook really good pancakes, you need a pancake griddle that heats up fast and uniformly. Stove top griddles provide maximum heat control. Look for one with a good nonstick coating. A heavyweight griddle is preferable to a light weight one which could easily warp. Once a griddle warps, it will no longer lay flat on the stove and won't cook evenly.

Griddles with an aluminum core provide uniform cooking. They conduct heat extremely well and have fewer hot or cold spots. Here are some of the best double burner griddles available in the market today:

NordicWare Double Burner Griddle

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile griddle with great quality, this product has it all. A heavyweight aluminum construction provides fast and even heat distribution. Its nonstick coating resists high heat. Food is easily released and it's easy to clean up.

Stay-cool chrome handles are riveted for a safe grip. The griddle can be used indoors or outdoors to cook eggs, pancakes, bacon, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and many more. This double burner griddle from NordicWare is hard to beat.

All-Clad Double-Burner Griddle

Made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum for fast and even heating, this commercial-size stovetop double burner griddle makes it easy to make pancakes for a crowd. The durable nonstick cooking surface releases food easily with minimum added fat for cooking. Stainless steel handles remain cool.

The All-Clad double burner griddle is ideal for gas and electric stoves but not recommended for glass or ceramic stoves.