Farberware Griddles: Over 100 Years of Tradition

For more than a century, Farberware has been manufacturing cookware and kitchen accessories for home and commercial use. Farberware products are known for their quality, classic styling and great value. The company's tradition of excellence extends to their line of Farberware griddles. Griddles come in different sizes, and Farberware griddles can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron.

Basically, a griddle is a flat metal plate used for cooking. Griddles are used for grilling or frying foods. Pancakes, omelets, steaks, burgers, hotdogs, fish, vegetables and other foods can be cooked on a griddle. The traditional griddle is circular in shape but modern ones are rectangular with short side handles.

Smaller griddles can be heated over a single gas or electric burner but there are bigger griddles that cover two stove burners. Farberware griddles come in big and small sizes.

Before shopping for a griddle, determine the griddle size that fits your needs. For family meals, you may need one of the larger griddles. You must also decide whether you prefer an electric griddle or a stovetop model. Take note that most griddles are not suitable for ceramic or glass stovetops.

Stainless steel and aluminum griddles are easy to clean and maintain. However, many experienced cooks prefer cast iron griddles because they cook evenly, are durable, and have non-stick properties when properly seasoned.

The following Farberware griddles are popular choices for the home or restaurant:

Farberware Commercial Nonstick 11-Inch Square Griddle

This griddle is a heavy gauge constructed nonstick griddle in a stylish silver color. An aluminum core in its base allows heat to spread quickly and evenly. Durable and comfortable handle is oven safe up to 350 degrees.

Farberware Specialties Nonstick Aluminum 18-Inch x 10-Inch Double Burner Griddle

Made of heavy gauge aluminum and measuring 18″ by 10″, this double burner griddle has a durable nonstick surface that makes it ideal for cooking pancakes, French toast or eggs. The aluminum base allows the heat to spread uniformly. The two silicone handles are oven safe up to 350 degrees.