A Stainless Steel Griddle Review – Chef King Griddle

If you are looking for a heavy duty stainless steel griddle, then look no further than the Chef King Griddle. This two burner griddle is perfect for cooking all kinds of food. I especially like cooking pancakes, salmon, and burgers on it. It can cook about 10-12 (smaller) burgers at once.

Here are some features:

This is a plain steel griddle which means there are NO chemicals used to coat the surface. It also seasons well. It gets hot fast and it also fits snug on the stove top. It is sturdy so you will not feel like your food will tip over. It's not hard to clean at all especially for a non stick pan.

As you can see this griddle has gotten 5 out 5 stars. People love to cook with it. You can bring it with you camping too. Plus it has a life time warranty.  This is definitely one piece of cookware you will definitely want to keep around the kitchen.

I bought mine at Amazon where I usually find the best deals online! Plus, shipping is free with Super Saver Shipping.

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